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Design Academy Eindhoven and their surprising lectures

All the exhibitors have one thing in common; it is their experience of studying at Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE), an art education institution in the Netherlands. What are the lectures at DAE like, and how have they resulted in a succession of creators visualising new questions and answers in contemporary design through their research? Four designers will talk about their own experiences at the Academy.

Wednesday, 3 August 2022 19:00〜20:30


15-20 participants (and streaming online)

Satomi Minoshima, Pauline Agustoni, Simon Ballen Botero, Ryohei Yoshiyuki

Takahiro Tsuchiya**Japanese/English consecutive interpretation available

How to watch:
Please watch from ATELIER MUJI GINZA Official YouTube

Speaker|Satomi Minoshima(1989、Japan)/ Pauline Agustoni(1996、Switzerland)

They met during their studies at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Allying Satomi’s sensitivity towards graphics and materials and Pauline’s hands-on approach and research skills, they developed a unique way of working that is based on understanding and expressing a subject from the inside. The simultaneously raw and subtle expression of their research and findings into their original creations questions their audience and places gathered knowledge at the center.
Satomi Minoshima Website:www.satomiminoshima.com
Pauline Agustoni Website:www.paulineagustoni.com

Speaker|Simon Ballen Botero

Simón works in collaboration with different artisans, craftsmen and communities, using design as a tool for critical discourse and empowerment. His work focuses on the use of local resources and local materials to create sustainable solutions. Simón is currently based between Amsterdam and Medellin.

Speaker|Ryouhei Yoshiyuki

After working experiences at the design studio and projects in the Netherlands, he set up his product design studio “Ryohei Yoshiyuki to job” in Japan. He is exploring a proper form and color to design from observation and trials of making processes with materials. He graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. Website:http://www.ry-to-job.com//

Moderator|Takahiro Tsuchiya