Vayeda Brothers




「Warli painting has always been writing, we write stories and myths in paintings. Using geometric and natural organic shapes as an alphabet to give a script in the form of painted elements, this is a new form of rewriting stories from a different perspective.

SEEDS (Creators are creating seeds of life)
The creation of the world is one of the most popular folk stories in Warli.
This is the myth that gave shape to so many related stories, this drawing is the imagination of the creation of seeds. When MAHADEV and GANGA GAURI (creators of the world) decided to create the earth, they were collecting and making new seeds of life: seeds of creatures, plants, water and soil.

VEER (The statue of Ancestors)
Veer is the wooden totem made by a family for their ancestors’ spirit. This painting is inspired and imagined by the vocal stories of our tribe, with the exploration of Warli Traditions and Myths. This is one of the rare activities in the community nowadays.
Making a veer totem is the process of satisfying the needs of the ancestor’s spirit. If any human being dies unsatisfied then people believe that their spirit is left behind. To fulfil those unsatisfied wishes, the family makes this veer totem and places it near the farm to remember their ancestors. This painting shows the process of making the totem and the atmosphere in the warli writing (painting). Nature has always been the god and religion of warli and this process keeps warli connected to their roots.

TUSHAR Vayeda(right)
1987 Born in Ganjad, India
2014, 3D animation & multimedia .University of Mumbai (Arena Academy)

MAYUR Vayeda (left)
1992 Born in Ganjad, India
2016 MMSin Marketing Management. University of Mumbai
2013 BMS in management studies. University of Mumbai