“Design emerging from words – The Chestnut Tree Project” Thursday, 4 April ~ Sunday, 23 June 2019

What on earth is design? What a simple, yet difficult question!

Here is the answer to the question: “Design is (_______)”.

We asked various people from different areas, generations and professions. In a short form like the Haiku style, it is expressed in brackets ( ). These words appear to be “flourishing together” in this gallery.

The “Chestnut Tree project” marks its beginning here with these words, to expand the potential of design. Once planted, and if looked after with affection, the young chestnut plant will grow into a tree that gives us shade, fruit and then, its offspring. Later, the tree trunk can be transformed into tools, furniture and houses to support people in their everyday lives when needed. It is a project to challenge ourselves to carry out this kind of activity through design, in our own way.

So, why don’t we start this process from describing design in words?

Thursday, 4 April ~ Sunday, 23 June 2019
Opening times:
10:00 ~ 21:00
ATELIER MUJI GINZA Gallery 2 (6F, MUJI GINZA), Admission free
Site design:
Mandai Architects
Graphic design:
Shogo Kishino (6D)
Site construction:
HIGURE 17-15 cas
Senior curator:
Junko Suzuki
Planning and Management:
Household Division / Household Design, Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. and ATELIER MUJI GINZA (MUJI GINZA)