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Tegami-zutsumi (a letter wrapping) by folding Hanshi-paper

『Tegami-zutsumi (a letter wrapping) by folding Hanshi-paper』 

We introduce a Japanese traditional method to transform “heart” into “form” as a joyful design activity in our contemporary life at Gallery2 “Form and Heart Everyday is a good day” exhibition (*galleries are closing now). 
With support by Origata Design Institute, our planning collaborator, we would like to show here “Tegami-zutsumi” (a letter wrapping) by using two pieces of Hanshi-paper (a plain paper, 243×333mm). 
We use Hanshi-paper this time, but it is possible to use A4 paper by a little adjusting.

1.Start with Hanshi-paper (a sheet of plain paper 243×333mm). Place it in the vertical position with the backside facing up.
2.Fold the paper in half to make a mark only on the center of the right side, then unfold.
3.Fold up the lower-left corner to the mark made in Step 2. 
4.Reposition it vertically so that the fold line is on the left.
 5.Fold the lower corner up along the diagonal line and the center mark made in Step 2.
6.Fold the upper corner down to the bottom line made in Step 5.
7.Fold the right corner so that the right-hand diagonal side is aligned with the diagonal side on the lower left.
8.Turn over, then fold the right section into left.
[Writing Paper]
9.For Uchi-zutsumi (writing paper), place Hanshi-paper in a horizontal position and the front side on the outside. Fold up the paper while the loop of the paper makes bottom. *1
10.Open the envelope that you made, and insert the Uchi-zutsumi in.
11.Begin to fold down the top side of the envelope that means heaven. *2
12.Then fold up the bottom side of the envelope that means earth. *3 
13.Fold the right side to the left. *4
14.The corner side that you made in Step 8 folds into the backside (a triangle pocket), then fix it.
15. Finished. 

*1 To make the open side to the top means good fortune.
*2-3 To finish by folding up means good fortune. 
*4 To make the right side over first means a primary way of good fortune.

Instructor|Origata Design Institute / Nobuhiro Yamaguchi + Midori Yamaguchi + Yuko Nishimura

『Tegami-zutsumi (a letter wrapping) by folding Hanshi-paper』