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Socks wrapping by folding Hanshi-paper

『Socks wrapping by folding Hanshi-paper』 

Venue:Origata Design InstituteWe introduce the method of Origata to give your gratitude to your father for the coming Father’s Day this year.
This time, we show socks wrapping.
Please do challenge yourself while imagining your father’s happy face.
If you don’t have Mizuhiki (traditional Japanese cord made from twisted paper), you can use a paper strip or twist a paper at home instead.
We recommend the warm color tone that means good fortune to show your gratitude.

『Socks wrapping by folding Hanshi-paper』

◎Please prepare
Two sheets of Hanshi (a plain paper, 243×333mm), and one strip of Mizuhiki (or any strings.)

1.Set the two pieces of Hanshi paper to be the inside back (setting the backside and backside of the papers together), so that they overlap at right angles. (Make sure the paper placed on the front rises to the left.)
2.Set the socks and determine the folding position of the earth (bottom part) according to the size of the socks.
3.Fold the earth up at the position determined in step 2.
4.After determining the position of the fold width, remove the socks.
5.Fold left side according to the width of the socks.
6.Fold right side as well.
7.Make a crease at the centerline.
8.Fold the crease made in step 7 to the backside and fold the right side to the left.
9.You have all crease lines.v 10.Open it again, and set the socks in the center.
11.Wrap the socks by folding the bottom part up.
12.Continue folding left side and right side, then make the right side on the front.
13.Finished with Morowana-musubi (a knot with two loops).You can make Morowana-musubi with the same way of Bowknot.

Instructor|Origata Design Institute / Nobuhiro Yamaguchi + Midori Yamaguchi + Yuko Nishimura